Thursday, 18 October 2012

Crafting Again

This was our 3rd Annual Christmas Cards for Australian Armed Forces card making day!   I started this activity in 2009 and just had a few of my friends and customers making cards.  Look how it's grown!

We had such a lovely time on Sunday.  And I was so fortunate to have lots of help this year so the actual setting up and clearing up was made super easy.  Thanks ladies!  A big thank you goes to my lovely friend Lee who helped pre event and on the day was amazing organising all the prizes.  And to Liz, for running in at the end to help clearing up and count the cards, despite having already had a busy day with other commitments.

I would also like to thank the wonderful support we received from C'est Bon & Baker's Delight, both on the main street in Rozelle, for their donations of quiches, fresh bread & cakes.  Lunch was so yummy, thank you for your community spirit.

Here's some pics.......oh and by the way, we made 882 cards on the day.  And there's more coming!  

Prizes!  Yay, who doesn't love a good game and a Stampin' Up! prize?  Stampin' Up! came through again with a donation of prizes for the event.  The ladies were thrilled as usual, and once again I was able to demonstrate how this wonderful company supports great causes.  No doubt it will work both ways because once you've used our products you have to have more.  They're so good!

A surprise visit from the army.

Margaret is asking our soldier if he'd like to make a card for the cause!  He was a good sport, and managed to make something following her expert tutoring!

This is how much we LOVE STAMPIN' UP!

This is what you do when you win!
Ok, it's back to making something!
Thanks for looking.

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