Thursday, 2 February 2012

Individual Spin

I love the way people interpret things differently.  It's endlessly fascinating and if you take the time to question why (in any scenario), it's quite an eye opener to discover what motivates people to do things.
Of course, if you look deeply, you'll find answers that go beyond basic likes/dislikes.  Some are complex, some are not.

That said, I'd like to share a photo of one of the projects we made at class last night.   It shows how each person has put their own spin on the card.  I can tell you there was a lot of giggling going names mentioned, you know who you are!! 

Top of the challenge list for a lot of people is the torn paper technique.   It takes a while to become comfortable with the "messy" or random shapes that torn paper creates, and in fact, despite the actual tearing activity, I still believe you need to create a finished piece that looks balanced.  But is that a contradiction?  We also discovered (in class) that having long nails affects the end result.  Who knew?!

Here's the pic.    I won't ID the makers - they know who they are.    But pay attention to the differences.  After tomorrows class I'll post a pic of my sample.   We are very interesting, us crafters!

Stay out of the rain!

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  1. I like the variety of colours and cards ... nice idea for a class.


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