Friday, 17 December 2010

The Thank Yous Keep Coming

I have received a couple more thank yous in the past week and am only just getting round to posting them here, what with all the christmas preparation and such going on.   This next one says it all in terms of what I was aiming to achieve - "sending a little piece of Oz"

Thank you Karen for the kind donation of some christmas cards to send back home. I am an Army Officer, currently deployed for 12 months as an unarmed military observer as part of the UN Truce Supervision Organisation in southern Lebanon, trying to help keep the peace in what can best be described as a challenging environment.

It is great to get a little piece of oz in the mail occasionally, and even better to think that you take some time out of your busy day to give a bit of happiness to people you have not even met. It is this generosity of spirit that you have shown that I so love about Australia.

Thank you once again, and wishing you and yours all the very best for Christmas and the New Year.


Rohan France
Captain - Australian Army
UN Military Observer
UNTSO - Observer Group Lebanon


And this one:



Hi Karen,

I have received your Christmas cards to send back to my family - thank you for the kind thought!


Ross, Sven MAJ


Happy Friday Everyone!


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