Friday, 10 December 2010

A Blessing

At my daughter's school's annual presentation evening this year, the Principal offered a blessing in her speech to the girls as they embark on a new year in their lives.  It was very touching, and a good friend of mine reminded me of it and was so moved that she printed copies to distribute to a bunch of mums at morning coffee one day.   As women, I believe we can never have enough reminders of what is important and what we should strive for.  

So I thought I'd share it here and maybe you can find something wonderful in it to inspire your day.....other than the obvious papercraft projects that is!!

A Blessing 

May you listen to your longing to be free.
May the frames of your belonging be large enough for the dreams of your soul.
May you arise each day with a voice of blessing whispering in your heart that something good is going to happen to you.
May you find a harmony between your soul and your life.
May the mansion of your soul never become a haunted place.
May you know the eternal longing that is at the heart of time.
May there be kindness in your gaze when you look within.
May you never place walls between the light and yourself.
May your angel free you from the prisons of guilt, fear, disappointment and despair.
May you allow the wild beauty of the invisible world to gather you, mind you and embrace you in belonging.

From "Eternal Echoes: Exploring our Hunger to Belong" by John O'Donohue

Have a super day.


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