Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration to make something comes from all sorts of places - I have a long list of "inspiration sites" on my google reader.  Maybe that makes google an inspiration, or at least a tool for inspiration.

Yesterday I made my Mojo Monday sketch.  I try to do this every week because it inspires me to create something that's actually mine.   In crafting circles, and particularly in SU we have a CASE philosophy - Copy And Share Everything - but this can sometimes stifle your own ideas because your head is crowded with wonderful things you've seen and would like to recreate yourself.

That said, yesterday I looked at the Mojo Monday sketch WITHOUT scrolling down for the creators samples.  They usually post 6 or so sample ideas by different crafters, and then if you are actually on the website you can scroll further down for the samples that people have uploaded to the site - remember that its a US site so by the time we get it here (if you're on email notification), they've already had a few hours to get started.    I didn't want to influence my design in any way so I just jumped in.   

Today, I revisited the email notification and looked at the samples - to my amazement, there was a card by Sarah Bigelow (very talented lady) that I did a double take on, because I chose the same colour scheme and DSP, although mine was a different pattern.  

Ok, so maybe it's not that amazing, but I'm quite fascinated by the way our creative ideas take shape.  Are they all simply the result of a huge volume of stuff/experiences we've had?   How much of it is truly original?   None of it really matters, as long as you enjoy your crafting experience.  But I'm interested to hear your thoughts........

Where does your inspiration come from?   How did you arrive at your latest project?  

Have a thoughtful day!


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