Friday, 26 November 2010

Thank You from Sudan 2

These messages really brighten my day.  When I first started this last year, I didn't know the positive impact it would have.  Yes, I wanted to do something nice for the men and women far from home during the festive season, but the way these cards are being received is just so lovely, and I guess our small gesture of kindness is coming back to us a hundred fold.  Take a bow ladies!


Hello Karen,

My name is Glyn Llanwarne and I am the commander of the Australian Defence Force contingent deployed to Sudan.

Recently we received a package of cards that you made especially for ADF personnel to use and send to our families for Christmas. I know exactly the effort that you went to when making these cards as my wife Anna has the same high level of talent that you do and makes similar cards.

Although it is approaching Christmas, we see very little of this here as we are living in a Muslim country. Being able to access some acknowledgment of our own traditions is very comforting to my contingent. Your very generous gift provides a tangible link back to Australia and our families. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and thank you on behalf of the ADF contingent to the United Nations Mission in Sudan.

Yours in service,

Lieutenant Colonel Glyn Llanwarne

Commander Australian Contingent 12

Khartoum Sudan
Happy Friday!  

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