Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thank You from Sudan

I have received another thank you email, this time from Sudan.   This one almost made me cry because it comes with such sincerity and it's particularly touching to get an insight into the amazing work our armed forces are involved in.

Dear Karen,

I am an Australian Army officer deployed to Sudan in Africa with the United Nations.

The Australians here have just received your beautiful Christmas Cards for us to send to our families and friends back home. I have selected a lovely card to send to my wife in Adelaide. I know she will be very pleased to receive it especially when I tell her that it was provided by someone back home who is thinking about all of the deployed men and women away at Christmas and wanted to make it more enjoyable.

I am based in Khartoum (the capital) with the United Nations (there are about 15 Aussies here). We are working with the UN to bring peace to Sudan and to conduct a referendum in January to see if the country will split into two countries (one Christian and one Muslim) or if it will remain one nation. Sudan has had about 20 years of civil war with about 2 million people killed. Currently there are 6 million refugees in Sudan, so the country has many problems.

This is my second Christmas in the last 4 Christmas when I have been deployed overseas (the other was in Iraq) and away from my family. Your very nice card and thoughts will make my Christmas a happier one. I have not seen my wife (and my dog Heidi and cat Cassie) in 2 months and I will probably not see them for another 3 months (for 12 days leave). I will eventually be home in May or June next year.
very kindest regards and thank you

I wish you a very Merry Christmas

David Neal

Count your blessings every day.


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  1. Hi Karen. I have actually 'stumbled' across ur blog care of Jenny Hayward to whom you chatted to at the most recent regionals. I am so glad that the CFTT effort went so v v well. I was part of a small group up with Kerry Bunting who contributed to the cause and we are already talking abt next Mother's day!! I don't really mind as I live at Nth Ryde and Kerry is in Winmalee (lower Blue Mtns). I had so much fun on that day and I loved to read the feedback that you received. Thanks for sharing these heartfelt and touching letters and e mails.


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