Friday, 12 November 2010

Passing on the Thanks

I have received an email from Julee at the DOD for the CCFTT and thought I'd share it with you here:


Good Morning Karen

Thank you for the kind donation of cards to be sent to the troops for them to send to their families.

These cards have been distributed to all our troops, in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor, Solomon Islands, Bahrain, Sudan, Egypt, Israel and Jerusalem.

I send media care packs (newspapers, magazines, football games) to all troops each week and these will be sent on Wednesday 17 November 2010 and should take approximately 5 days to get to their overseas locations. The troops have access to send these cards back as soon as they can via the Armed Forces Post Office.

Your cards have been sent to all services, ARMY, RAAF and NAVY.



IMPORTANT: This email remains the property of the Department of Defence and is subject to the jurisdiction of section 70 of the Crimes Act 1914. If you have received this email in error, you are requested to contact the sender and delete the email.

Happy Friday!   Enjoy your weekend


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