Thursday, 11 November 2010

Completing the circle

I'm just back from spending time helping Julee at the Randwick barracks with the preparation of our Christmas cards to be sent to the deployed troops.  Basically, each pack of cards (varying amounts in each) that all you lovely cardmakers sent me or made at my event were put in large envelopes, labelled with their purpose & sorted into piles for the various Aust bases around the world.  This is a Tri-service unit so cards will go to Army, Navy & RAAF.

I say "labelled with their purpose" because the military personnel receive lots of greetings cards at this time of year wishing them a safe Christmas.  Since our cards are for them to write to their families back home, they need to be told this otherwise they may think we've forgotten to write them, stick them up on a wall at their base somewhere, which is all very nice, but it's not what we meant to happen. 

Julee works at the Personnel Services Battalion and prepares all sorts of media care packs to ensure our troops are connected to home.   This is especially important in remote locations and also because some bases only have a very small number of personnel.  

Here I am, with the stack of goodies that will be sent next week, and our cards being popped into the yellow envelopes - Julee says they'll be on the top of the boxes when they're opened!!

Now I should also point out that this is the Australian office that sends care packs through the official channels ensuring that everything reaches its intended destination.  And all the security rules apply with customs checks and so on.   But this is great for us as cardmakers because it means we know that our lovingly made creations are being cared for correctly. 

As this PaperLady initiative is now closed for 2010 all crafters can take a break - actually, you're probably making your own Christmas cards now!!   But for 2011, you can start whenever you like and I'll be happy to do it all again next year.

And how fitting, that it's Remembrance Day today.   I really do feel like I've seen the process from piece of cardstock & stamp set, right through to pack and send!   Now, if you're reading this and you receive a card this Christmas from a loved one stationed overseas, made by one of the ladies here, be sure to let me know.



  1. How exciting! Thanks Karen for all the organizing and effort you put in. I really enjoy making the cards and get alot of self worth from it and i thank you for running this each year.

  2. Thank you Karen for this interesting update. I too thank you for your organising. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Margaret

  3. Well done Karen, how satisfying to see them all go off in the little packages and know that this christmas many families will recieve one and it will be treasured perhaps for a very long time.


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