Thursday, 22 April 2010


I'm reading Mao's Last Dancer at the moment.   It's a big book, and since I read far more slowly than I's gonna take me a while.  I should add, that I LOVE the book by the way.     But I'm also reading a couple of other books at the same time.  Problem:  I only have one bookmark.....not strictly true, but that doesn't matter because if I SAY I only have one, then I've got an excuse to make myself one.   Not that I need an excuse to make something, but I don't often make things for me, I'm usually gifting what I make to others (aww, I'm soooo nice!).

SU (in a recent DEMO only publication....You should join!), gave instructions for using our Hodgepodge Hardware to make jewellery.   Not really my style, so I CASED (copy and share everything) it to make my new bookmark.

Here it is in Old Olive, Pumpkin Pie & Styled Silver Hodgepodge.

Oh, and I've used Rub Ons as well.   Might have to get those out more often because I like 'em!
Hope you like the finished result as much as I do!


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