Saturday, 13 March 2010


Here's this weeks Mojo Monday card.  Oh goodness, I fiddled around for ages, and this is all I came up with!   So, it's off for some retail therapy because clearly, I've been sitting at the desk too long.

I was trying to use different colours, and break away from my flower stamps, but maybe I shouldn't have tried two new things at the same time!!    That pathetic little snail trail on the dragon fly body is Crystal Effects!  My attempt at making the disaster POP....hahaha.    That's also why I added the lady bug in Real Red.  It wasn't in the original colour scheme but it looked so drab that I felt I had to something drastic - and heck, it couldn't get any worse.....LOL

Oh well, it's the weekend, so not to worry.  Can't be perfect all the time.....enjoy your day!


  1. Hi Karen, I quite like the worm on its long strip it could be a removable "bookmark"?
    It inspired me ... for some reason the worm makes me think of snakes and ladders, great theme for a birthday card or scrap page. And, Good luck with the mothers day cards.

  2. Oh, and I think the red lady bugs are gorgous!


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