Monday, 26 January 2015

Photopolymer Stamps & Staining

Happy Australia Day everyone!

It's a bit rainy here but nice to have a cool change.  We're off to the cricket this afternoon so let's hope it clears up.

I just wanted to pop in with a bit of Photopolymer information for you.

These stamps behave a little differently to traditional rubber stamps.  Basically, they're clear so they're easy to use for perfect placement, especially when you want to layer your images.  But they do stain easily when using inks that have red pigment in them - so reds, pinks and some purples.  The best thing to do is clean them immediately after using these colours, AND most importantly, get comfortable with a bit of staining!! It doesn't affect the stamps' performance in any way, so get over it!!

You can see the slight pinky tinge on these stamps because I used them with red ink.  And this is after cleaning with baby wipes.  You get quite good results using Stampin' Mist and you can also get more of the staining off with StazOn cleaner, although over time it can damage photopolymer.

These stamps have only had blue and brown ink on them so there's no evidence of the ink colour at all.

Ok, hope that helps you feel a bit more relaxed about using your photopolymer stamps.  It's always good to know that it's not your technique causing the problem!!  

So, get out there and stamp something fabulous.

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