Friday, 27 June 2014

Smash Book Beginnings

Here's the first few pages of my diary/smash book for our trip to Italy & Croatia. 

Not much happens on a plane so our luggage receipts, a "wake me up for food" sticker and a flattened JD bottle top are my only offerings. And no I didn't bring a hammer or my Big Shot... I hit it with my shoe!!

One of the nice things about the "This and That" journal is that some pages have ready made pockets.  This one is great for a postcard and blurb about the hotel.  

I couldn't fit this gorgeous picture in so folded it in half. 

A ready made mat was used for journaling. 

So that's the first bit.....if you're a traditional scrap booker you will think its plain. But my goal is only to diarise and keep bits I collect along the way.  

Back later with more. 

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