Sunday, 13 October 2013

Christmas Cards for the Troops, Card Making Day 2013

What a fantastic day we had today.  Thank you to all the fabulous card makers who helped make it such a perfect day of craft and fun.

Naturally, we played a couple of games to get the laughs going - or should I say, keep them going!  There's a lot of giggling and frivolity with this lovely bunch!!  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the hilarious Christmas drawing game that we did, but congratulations to Deb for winning the challenge!

The food was yummy, and a big thank you has to go out to C'est Bon & Baker's Delight in Rozelle who always support us with the most amazing quiches, breads and sweet treats.

All in all, it was terrific, and I think may be our largest event to date with around 24 people and approx 840 cards produced on the day! What an achievement.

A couple of other people took pictures so I will try to post those sometime this week.



  1. Well done Ladies and in this heat! Looked like a fun day. I would love to make it one year. Great achievement. :)

  2. Thanks once again for organising and all you do for this effort.

  3. What a fab and funny day we had! Thanks for another awesome and humbling experience Karen xo

  4. I have only just come across the Christmas Cards for Troops details, and it is a little late to get moving this year, but intend to start for next year. Although I didn't see any active service whilst I was in the military,(1978-1988) I know just how much it would mean to the boys and girls overseas on active service. Just one question - do you leave the entire inside blank for their messages or do you place a short message which the troops can embellish on to their families?.

    1. Hi Sandra. You can add a message if you like, or leave the card entirely blank for them to write themselves. It's entirely up to you.
      I hope you can join us next year with this initiative. If you follow my blog - click on the sidebar, you'll get updates as they are made. Cheers Karen


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