Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Swaps for Convention 2013

Well, I finally got my swaps done after A LOT of deliberation.  I had even toyed with the idea of not doing any this year!  OMG!

I thought I'd share the process with you that I went through to decide on my final project.  And also to explain the mess in my craft room of a few days earlier.  See here.

I should start by explaining that I've never made a card for a swap before.  I always do some kind of 3D project.  There are lots of card swaps and I like to make something that stands out a bit.

That said, this year I wanted to do a card.

I got the idea for this card on a U.S. blog......I can't remember the one, as usual I was just surfing in blogland and got lost somewhere!   Anyway, I based this card on that layout.   I love looking "through" to the feature image.   But since I wanted something CAS for my swap, this was obviously not the right one for me! 

I then dug out some things I'd made recently.  This card is one of my absolute favourites.  Trouble is, I couldn't remember if it was my design, or if I'd copied it from somewhere.   Not wanting to take the risk, I decided to delve further into my creativity.  I'll use the colours from this one....maybe!

Ah, next came a technique I love - Faux Silk.   Everyone likes swap cards with techniques they can try out so this was a real possibility.  It has the colours I'm after - I think, and the cute little embellishments, but there's no looking "through" like the card in the first sample.
Then, wham, it hit me.......and here's what I ended up with......
I love the simplicity of this card.  And I got my wish - the cute little "look through" window, the heart and butterfly embellishment, and all in the colours I wanted.  Yay!

The Cherry Cobbler heart is embossed with Elegant Lines, and the little Rhinestone jewels just finish it off nicely.  You can't really tell from the pic, but I've used textured cardstock in Pool Party.

And lastly, surprise!  I couldn't help myself and had to have a 3D item so I settled on these fridge magnets which are pegs that you can use to attach a shopping list or school notes to.  Nothing new about this one (I taught it in class for Mother's Day) but it's cute and I like it!!
Keep an eye on my blog for updates on Convention.  I hope to post as I go this year, but we'll see.  Sometimes it's just too busy.  Fingers crossed.
Yours, in crafting heaven!


  1. Wish I was there to be a recipient of your swaps. The card is stunning, love it to bits. Have a wonderful time. :)

  2. I have 1 left Felicity - I'll send it to you, just email me your address again.


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