Saturday, 15 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas - Day 4 Rosette Tree Ornament

I have really enjoyed making ornaments this year and with the one on the cover of the current holiday catty, I've had plenty of inspiration.   However, we don't always have time to make something that detailed, so with that in mind, here's a simpler ornament.

I've used the rosette die (125594) to cut a piece of dsp.   You will have a piece that has two different decorative edges.  You need to cut one of these edges off.  

Because the piece is 12cm wide, if you cut it in half to 6cm you will have the beginnings of 2 rosettes. 

To make your rosette nice and full you will need to cut 2 pieces out so you have a length of 24cm.  You join the two pieces together using sticky strip so it's nice and strong.  Then you form a circle by joining the outside ends together too.

Using your silicone mat, grab your glue gun and put a generous squirt into the centre of the mat.

Then gently manipulate the paper circle thingy into a flat rosette and carefully plop it on top of the hot glue.  Hot glue dries very quickly except when it's in a big blob like the one pictured so you have a few seconds to get it on there.   You'll want to fiddle with the folds to make sure it's even.

Hold it in position for 30 seconds or so until the glue has dried enough to hold the rosette in place.

Then you can go ahead and add a snowflake centre, or another smaller rosette like I've done, a little punched circle and a button.  Yep, sometimes I don't know when to stop.

The scallop edge on the rosette is perfect for threading bakers twine through to hang on your tree.
Handy Tips:   I mentioned the width of the rosette die as 12cm.  That means it would make a rosette thats 24cm in diameter because each piece you cut makes half the size of the circle (or the radius).  OMG maths!   You would also need at least 2 lengths because the wider the strip, the further it has to go to make a circle.  Confused?  Super!!
My finished rosette is 12 cm diameter - so how big are my strips?   If you said 6cm your right!  Go to the top of the class.
For the little Old Olive one I cut the strips to 2cm wide to make a finished rosette of 4cm diameter.   I still used two lengths so it's nice and full.
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  1. Lovely. I saw these for sale in USA recently for a pretty penny. How did you fold?

  2. The die cuts out the shape and adds the score lines, then you just accordian fold each strip. It's super easy!
    Glad you like it!

  3. Love the hot glue on the silicone mat - top tip!


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