Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Project Displays

Some of the goodies I made to show at the launch.

I love this gorgeous photo box.  I'm trying to do more scrapbooking...time!  But this was a lovely way to show off some pics and embellishments.   And how cute are the buttons?  

Christmas gift ideas for 2012.   Not sure if you've seen SU's calendar this year, but it's super cute and comes with a display stand.  And who doesn't love a journal or notebook for Christmas?  Do you like the gift tags?  The idea for those came from Felicity's blog.  Check out her amazing work here.

No launch would be complete without a yummy treat or two.  I'm loving the cupcake toppers & that cake banner!

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  1. What a wonderful display. Love the photo box and the way you displayed the buttons in cupcake cases, very cool. The food looked yum too.


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