Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Right Combination

Sometimes, you just have to reach for a colour you don't normally work with (or like), because it's good for your creativity.   Yes, you may end up with a project that you're still not overly fond of, because that colour doesn't sit well, or, you could find yourself thoroughly loving the look, and hopefully trying that colour out a bit more in the future.

This is the case for me with River Rock.  Not quite sure what it is about the colour, it's a little yellowy and "dirty" looking perhaps?   Anyway, after making this card, I've decided that paired with black and white, it's rather elegant.
I guess this card also satisfies a clean and simple theme, and it uses minimal supplies and has no extra embellishments so it was really quick to make.  I think I'll whip up a batch to use to thank my customers for their orders.
If you'd like to see more of this technique I'll be demonstrating it on Saturday at Darling Stamp & Scrap Club.  Visit the DSNS page here.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. very curious by what this technique would look like - now....I like. see you saturday. cheers susie


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