Monday, 4 June 2012

Convention 2012

I'm back!  And what a fun time I've had in lovely Canberra.  The drive down was fun with Michelle & Tracy in the car, lots of laughs, and lots of room to move.  Not quite the same coming home.  Well, still laughing, but now we're crammed in between all the bags from Memento Mall and the shopping we did at the Bus Depot craft market on our way home!!  Oh, and Berrima.  Yum, what a super time we've had.

This was dinner on our first night at Tossolini's.  Yummy Italian food and a little bevvie to warm us up (it was around 2 degrees down there!)
 Sorry about the blurry, I think my lip gloss leaked all over the view finder on my phone!  This was getting ready for our first general session. 
 On the stage.  This year's theme was "I AM......" hence the giant framelit in the background.  We got in a little bit of trouble for getting on the stage - we didn't know we weren't allowed, sorry Derek......Oops...ssshhhhh!

The lovely Shelli with Tracy & Michelle.  Yes, I'm in the pic too, but it's the most horrid picture EVER so you will never see the whole thing!

I am still working through my swaps & project pics so will post those later in the week.  If you are coming to a class this week you will get to see - and touch - them.   But I have tons of pics of amazing projects to share as well.

Happy Monday!

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