Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Catching up is Tricky!

I've been so busy since I came home from Convention....giggle.....kids, hubby, dog, shopping, classes, good heavens!

I have had another drool look over my swaps and just photographed a few of my favs to share today.

This gorgeous brooch/pin is by Suzanne Barnard.   It is made from our beautiful Timeless Portrait fabric.  Far more beautiful in real life. 

The wonderfully talented Nerida Carter created this yummy origami folded pouch....why is it yummy?  Because it contained a coffee bag AND chocolate......um mmmmmmmm!

Someone stole the chocolate........oh no, that was me!

Anyone for cake?  It would go rather nicely with the coffee above and the tea below!   This clever creation is by Sonya Alcock.   I love it!

My clever downline Michelle Hughes made this gorgeous little sachet.  Yes, there's a tea bag inside for emergencies. Michelle doesn't have a card blog so I'm sending you to her cake website.  Yes, she's multi-talented!

Now, one final treat......this real looking strawberry was made by Michelle Davis..  Don't you love the seeds?

This angle really shows the shape very well.  Super Cute

Well, that's all from me for now.  Stay warm & dry, it really is winter today!

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  1. Thanks Karen, I am so glad that you enjoyed my swap. Those chocolates have use by dates anyway. Thats my story...


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