Friday, 23 December 2011

Blink & you've missed it!

2011 that is!  Well, slight exaggeration, but it sure went by in a flash.

Last Saturday was our PaperLady Christmas party.   I chose to combine all classes & club this year and we had a ball.......well that's no surprise!   There was a little bit of crafting done (thanks ladies for helping me use the Big Shot to get a lot of scallop circles made for ornaments), a lot of laughs while we played games, and of course, the required sharing of treats.  It was a lovely way to round off our year.  

Here we are just getting started.  Who's that in disguise?

Gloria went all out with the Christmas jewellery, while Michelle chose Christmas colours from her wardrobe.

Avril wouldn't miss an opportunity to craft, even at a party!

Is that Susie underneath the bling?!

No one could deny that Wendy was the best-Christmas-dressed!  Yes, she won the Elf award for Christmas spirit.

Kristen however, forgot......well, actually she didn't read the email (by her own admission), so she was the recipient of the Grinch award!
Nice face!

It's no party without the Big Shot - that's it, centre stage.

And of course, every good shin-dig has a line up at the buffet table

what nice ladies they are, patiently waiting their turn

Gloria trying to convince us that she should get an elf award too!

So, that's it for 2011.   Lot's of lovely crafting done, new friendships made, a shared joke or two and lots of fun had by all.

Oh, and by the way, the Elf & Grinch are the genius ideas of Brisbane demonstrator Vicki Hodgman.  If I can find her blog, I'll pop back later with a link for you.

I look forward to sharing more craft adventures in our classes & club during 2012.


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