Monday, 14 November 2011

First Thank You 2011

What a lovely surprise email I received tonight - our first thank you for this year's Christmas Cards for our armed forces.   It touches my heart when I read this and I'm thrilled that Major Toohey would take the time to send it.   I will scan the email to post on the CCFAAF page, but this is a copy and paste so it doesn't look quite as official.

Dear Karen,
On behalf of the Australian Officer's working for the UN in Israel,
Syria, Lebanon and Egypt (Operation Paladin), I would like to thank
you for the lovely Christmas Cards you sent us to use for our families
back home.
Be assured that we truly appreciate the fact that Aussies are thinking
of us over the festive season and ensuring our welfare is being looked
Thankyou and have a safe and happy Christmas period back home. We will
miss it for sure over here.


Happy Monday

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