Monday, 7 November 2011

Card Delivery Day is Here!

Well, it's Monday 7th November and I'm off to the barracks to deliver all the lovely Christmas cards that are so beautifully handmade & donated by many wonderful cardmakers from around Australia.    I will add some pics to this post when I get back later on.

I did open the door this morning to the postie with another box of 100 so I'm thrilled that they made it to me on time.    If you have sent cards and your name is not on the list perhaps they haven't made it to me yet.    Watch this space, I'll see what I can do.

Those are just some of our cards packaged into the yellow envelopes ready for the off.   That little lot is going to Afghanistan.

When I arrived at the barracks there were some extra cards sent there to be included with our stash so that took the total to 2,601! How fantastic is that?    So there you have it.....another year of CCFTT is complete.  Take a bow everyone.    You've all done very well!

Happy Monday

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  1. How exciting! This gives me a warm fuzzy feeling seeing all those lovely cards packaged ready to go. Thank you Karen for organizing each year, such a worthwhile effort.


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