Thursday, 8 September 2011

Lace Border Punch

This punch is gorgeous.  I've already used it on several projects and taught a class with it.  However, it's unlike any of our other punches and may cause a bit of strife until you get used to it. 

So I thought I'd give you a few tips on how to get the most out of this tool.

Firstly, this punch slices the whole punched image off the paper or cardstock leaving a straight line.  That makes it easy to keep using that same piece of cardstock.  However, it won't give you a border on a piece like the scallop or eyelet border will so you should know that before you turn your 12" x 12" scrapbook page into a 12"x 10 1/2" page!!

Next, use this punch on the table, right side up.   It needs to be on a sturdy, level surface.

Place your cardstock or paper onto the punch ensuring it's flush with the guard rail.

Put the heel of your dominant hand on the punch, place the other hand on top and PUNCH!   It's a SHORT, SHARP action, not a slow squeeze ;-))

I'm right handed so my right hand is on the bottom, left on top

Then, slide your cardstock either left or right and align with the silver template, then put the heel of your dominant hand on the punch, place the other hand on top and SHORT SHARP PUNCH AGAIN!

Continue until you have the length of Lace Border that you want.

Now, what happens if you accidentally do a slow squeeze?   Well, quite simply you'll jam the whole thing together.   The plastic top of the punch will feel lose, the paper will be so stuck inside you can't see it, and you'll be a little antsy! 

So, how do you fix it?   Well I'm not telling YOU how to fix it, but I will tell you how I fix it: 

 I get a hammer or a screw driver....yes, I know it's in the shed, go get it.......then I tap the underside of the punch lightly until it releases its captive paper.   Salvage what you can of the paper and/or start over.  I've only had one time when I couldn't release the punch like this, so I dropped it on the concrete patio which fixed it instantly.  Don't tell Shelli I throw my SU stuff around like this please!

So, there you have my little "how-to" with the Lace Border Punch.  It really is gorgeous so don't be's just a punch, after all!

See you soon.

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