Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Card Storage

Like many crafters, I have a HUGE number of cards, largely because I'm teaching classes so there's always a lot of samples left over.    Of course I use a lot of them - you can hardly buy a card for someone when you're a cardmaker....tsk tsk.  

That said, I'm also really particular (some may say obsessive) about keeping a record of all the projects I teach throughout the year.   Consequently, I need a lot of storage!    Fortunately, as an avid lover of shoes I have a lot of empty shoe boxes, but as they're a tad boring (I know I could cover & decorate them....) I make little boxes to store my projects in. 

This one is super simple - I did make one in the US with my upline's team some years back.  But do you think I could remember it?  And guess what?  I couldn't find it either!!!   

So, this one was made from scratch, measurements and all.  It's a little different to the previous one I think, but it's kind of cute and will hold about 10 cards and envelopes.  It will also look nice in my craft studio.

I will be teaching it in a class next week, so come along if you can, but after that, if you'd like the instructions I'll be happy to email them to you.   

Oh, and an added plus, I only used retired cardstock & scraps of DSP.  Love that!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Hey Karen! Great minds think alike! I wanted to make one of these a month ago, too, and had to actually tear one apart to get dimensions!

    So, IF I can find the sample, and IF you want them, email me and I'll send you the dimensions...

    I like the fact that you didn't cut one of the sides off! Great idea - it's probably a little sturdier this way...


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