Monday, 18 October 2010

Glitter is OK!

This is to all our wonderful cardmakers who are supporting the Christmas cards for our armed forces this year.   I have had a couple of questions about glitter, which I redirected to the Dept of Defence and was told that glitter on our cards is ok.  

I was wondering where I'd heard that it might be a problem - I actually said no glitter myself at one stage, and maybe I dreamt it or something!!  You know how it is, sometimes we get so busy we can't sort out what we thought happened from what really happened!    I also think that could be the curse of the blog surfer.  I know that I read so much info that it can get all muddled up until I don't know who said what to whom!

Anyway, for us Aussies, glitter is ok.   However, and this may be where the confusion lies, there is a U.S. website called Operation Write Home.  It specifically says NO to glitter.   But that applies to their military forces, so please don't be confused about ours.   Also, if you make cards for OWH you are not making them for the Australian Military.  This is not a problem, but you might not know it.  It's getting more and more difficult to know where a website originates now that our world is becoming smaller with all the cyber stuff available.

Meanwhile, whoever you make them for, the recipients thank you.   A random act of kindness is always welcomed.

Stamp Happy.

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  1. Hey Karen! Love your blog - good for you for keeping it alive... Wish I could say the same for my own! One of these days...

    Anyway - re: no glitter - you probably read it on my blog about a year ago - I, too, had been told no glitter. But, I spoke with Marti (From Our Hearts) which is the group I send my cards to, and she said that glitter is OK - so we're all relieved of the "no glitter" rule! Yee haw!

    Still miss you! When you coming back?


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