Saturday, 6 March 2010

Gift Basket

Packaging for gifts is quite important to me - and I particularly like things that can be reused (as you probably know).   I wanted a basket or bag to put some nice smelly stuff in for a friend.   I modeled this on one I've made previously for easter eggs.  It uses a piece of 12"x12" that I've trimmed to be exactly 30cm square.    But you can use any sized square as long as it is divisable by 3.

The paper is Parisian Breeze - not sure how I'll survive when I've used it all up!   And I've also used wide grosgrain ribbon in chocolate chip and a couple of Jumbo eyelets.   I'm hoping that it's the kind of basket you'd be happy to have sitting on your bedside table or dresser with the smelly stuff making the room smell nice!

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