Sunday, 29 November 2009

Thank You's Received

I have received two lovely thank you's from our troops in Sudan.   Both are quite long, so here are a couple of excerpts:

From Captain Pip Cleary:  

"Dear Karen,
just a quick note to you and your team to say thank you so much for the beautiful cards that arrived today. They are in perfect time as the cut off for Xmas mail is 4 Dec 09.
As someone who has absolutely no craft skills whatsover, I really appreciate the workmanship and thought that has gone into making each card.
My card will go to my parents and my husband and I know that they too would thank you for your support of us on this relatively unknown operation here in Sudan......."

And from LEUT Brandon Ikimau:
"Dear Karen,

I am writing this email to say thank you for the Christmas cards that you have sent. It is good to know that there are people back home who are thinking of us whilst we are deployed.

Could you pass on my heartfelt thanks to your team of card makers and let them know that the cards are greatly appreciated. I know that my family will be surprised to receive these cards at Christmas.

Your actions really do make a difference."

I certainly didn't expect to receive thank you's.  The reward of acheiving such a healthy number of cards (367) was enough and knowing we'd all come together to reach that goal.

So, isn't that lovely?  To know our cards have touched someone's heart - someone who is a long way from home at this special time of year.    

Bless you all for helping.

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  1. Congratulations karen, what a wonderful acheivement. My only hope is next time, i will know in time to contribute as well. Cheers take care tracey.


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