Monday, 16 November 2009

Cards for the troops - update

Today, the cards were collected for shipping to Afghanistan tomorrow.  We had a total of 367 cards!  Wow, what an achievement.   Cards have arrived in the mail all last week, from as far north as Ballina.  I also collected some from the Central Coast on Saturday, and when I opened my front door this morning there was a shopping bag with another load on the step!
A big thank you goes to the following generous ladies for their beautiful contributions to the cause:
Please note, they are in no particular order:
Ann Abraham, Trish Holmes, Avril Burn, Laurel King, Felicity Hawkins, Ann Wild, Hayley Cumming, Angela Sargeant, Penny Street, Pam Godfrey, Tash Renton, Deb Wellfare, Gudula Dornseifer, Lisa Smaijov and Susie Coates.
Here I am, busily sorting them last night.

Look how gorgeous they are!  And all so different.  What wonderful ideas people have.   Julee, from the barracks was impressed with everyone's creativity.   Perhaps we'll do it again next year.  My goal for this year was to get 300 cards - and we achieved that easily, so in 2010, we could possibly double it!    Thanks again to all who helped.  

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