Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Stamp Camp Sneak Peek

I am a fan of handmade gifts and when I first saw a purse set made by Becky Roberts I knew I'd love to make this one!  Knowing how you like to make things too, I decided it would make a perfect theme for a stamp camp.Naturally I've adjusted the design somewhat, and altered the sizes for our camp so it won't be the same as you see it here, but you get the idea.

The purse you see pictured came from an original design by Becky Roberts at Inking Idaho (link above).   The note cards are all mine!  These particular notes are retired so you will have something different in your project, but trust me, they'll be just as cute!

Kind of cute?   Well, if you would like to make one of your very own similar to this, you can enrol for this class by emailing or calling me.  See the contact page for details.

There will be a selection of colours and patterns to choose so you can customise your own project too.  And you'll have all the dimensions so if you want to go home and make more, you can ;)

Have a crafty day!

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