Thursday, 7 March 2013

What I did Today

It was the first day of the Stitches and Craft fair at Rosehill today, and while I'm not the sewing type - kind of wish I was, but really can't get into it, I did have a fabulous day and learned some new tricks.

Skye Rogers was the guest artist and quite frankly, she's fabulous!  We made our way to her stand first and were able to sit down and partake in making an accordian book.

Skye uses lots of recycled materials and is big on anything sustainable and repurposed.  She has a passion for used envelopes, old books and bits of timber, and will also mould bowls and other decorative items from paper. 

We returned to her stand after lunch and made milk carton vases.  Mine is the one in the front left.  What a blast! 

Thanks Skye, it was lots of fun!

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  1. So jealous. Love,love the book and vase. Looks like you had a great time. I want to go now but need to prepare for markets :(


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