Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Vellum is an unusual paper often used as an overlay for cards - think white on white and wedding.  But there are other ways you can use it - lots in fact.  We'll be exploring some of the ways in our upcoming classes.

Anyway, here's a couple of baby cards I made using a technique called Revitalised Vellum.

This is one way to give your vellum a pattern and turn it into an interesting background for layering on your cards.

I've used my ink pads in a direct to paper technique to kind of "wipe" them all over the vellum.   It takes a bit of time to dry, especially if your inks are super juicy.  You can speed up the process with a heat tool but I don't like to use mine because the vellum curls up and it's a bit of a pest to flatten out.

Tip:  Ensure you put adhesive right to the edge otherwise the vellum will curl off the card - ok if that's the look you're after!

Hello baby!

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