Saturday, 31 March 2012

I Did It!

How yummy is this card?  It's soft suede with Spice Cake paper...super yummy in fact.

I cased the card from Mickey Roberts. A link kindly sent to me by Susie, the ever faithful blog hopper over at Paper Alchemy.  However, I only looked at the picture and didn't read the instructions.  Silly me!  Consequently I used a lot of cardstock trying to work out how she got the lace border to be even and I discovered something I hadn't noticed before.  The LB punch is different at each end.  A ha!  That makes getting the two sides even more challenging than ever.  Because just when you think you've got it, bam you figure out that the top and bottom are not the same.

Anyway, it's gorgeous, I sussed it out and I'm a happy crafter.  

Tip:  Don't just look at the pics, read the instructions too.  :-))

Have a great weekend.

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