Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Grandma's Coffee Table Brag Book

While visiting Mum & Dad at the weekend, I picked up a small photo album that mum keeps on the coffee table and flicked through the pages recalling the wonderful time we had when we lived in San Diego, CA a few years back.

I covered the plain box and lid in patterned papers that would coordinate with Mum's living room.

The book is an accordian style, and quite heavy chipboard

Some of the pages need a little re-sticking!

I made the book for Mum's birthday while we were away.  It's stood the test of time quite well, despite the fact that it has been on the coffee table for nearly 5 years now!  And afterall, it's only paper!!

The book itself was plain chipboard, as was the box and I bought them both from Michael's - a must to visit if you ever go to North America.  It's a crafter's haven, and by far my favourite store in the world!  The only down side is that they don't sell Stampin' Up!  Well, you can't have everything.

Now, I'm no scrapbooker, by my own admission, so be kind with your critique, even if it's silent!  Someone looked at this picture and asked me where was Lana's head.  It was that funny stage where she didn't like her picture taken so she always looked like a headless shorty!!

One of the things that made this scrapbook so easy was the variety of stickers available that were perfect for each event.

Hayley is holding fluffy the snake.   I'm not entirely sure how I even took the picture, I'm terrified of snakes!  Nice colour matching with the paper though, eh?!

A very simple page letting the picture speak for itself.  OMG, hardly any embellishment...tsk tsk!

Seems I was going through a phase of trimming the photo's.  Bizarre!

I like the playfulness of this page.  The coloured stars and brads match nicely and the sticker is perfect, yet again.

Hayley, almost airborne.  Ah to have not a care in the world!

Our first halloween in America.  What a treat! Pardon the pun.  We had a wonderful time walking the streets surrounded by beautifully & scarily decorated houses.  And collected so much "candy" in our pumpkins we had stomach ache for days!!

A favourite picture of mine & Lana's.  This page doesn't really need anything else.

No scrapbook would be complete with a collage of pictures - and it's usually at the end when you've run out of pages but can't bear to leave anything out!  Yes, that's what happened here.

Lastly, the back cover.  Don't forget to date & sign your name here.  Especially if you want these little family memories to be passed on.  It's so easy to forget the small details.
Funnily, I'd forgotten all about this book.  But I'm feeling quite inspired to go make something else like this.   I might have to start a project.....now, which drawer did I stash all that sort of stuff into?!

Go on, make something!

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  1. This is such a nice keepsake. I sometimes look back on my old scrapbook albums and wonder what on earth i was thinking with layouts and so many stickers but all my family see are the photos, not the embellishments and the photos really are all that matters. It's really lovely too that your Mum keeps it on display all the time.


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