Monday, 12 December 2011


Who doesn't love cupcakes?

I made this cute little set as Christmas gifts for my team.   12 patty cases with a holly pattern, 12 toppers & some red and green Christmas tree sprinkles.  So cute.

I made the box to size.  That's super easy to do, just place the items you want to pack into a box on your SU grid paper........order it from me today......then you can see how big the base of the box needs to be.  Add a couple of centimetres (or more) for the sides of the box and cut your card stock to size, scoring it at the appropriate depth.   I use a Scor-Pal for this but a ruler & stylus work just as well (hurry up SU, we want our own company scoring tool please!).

Lastly, you make a wrap out of acetate and again use your grid paper and box base to determine the size and the score marks.   Add a stamped piece and some ribbon and your done.

Hope you're getting through your Christmas preparations.

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