Saturday, 15 October 2011

Crafting for a great Christmas

What a super day I had today.    Why, you ask?  Well, I was fortunate to spend almost ALL day crafting with some lovely ladies while we made Christmas cards for our deployed servicemen and women.   Well. I use the term "we" loosely......I didn't actually finish even one card today!!!!  I was too busy organising, talking, running the raffle, talking, fielding questions, talking, eating cupcakes, and did I mention....talking?    I did prep 50 cards though and thanks to my friends Deb & Gudula, 15 of them did get finished.   I will complete the rest before the due date....giggle.
However, the other ladies, oh my goodness, they made a collective 463 cards!  How fantastic is that?  Take a bow ladies.  Your generosity donating all your supplies, your time and your help is valued and appreciated, thank you!

Without a doubt, the highlight of the day was a visit from Julee who runs the ops area at the barracks where they dispatch our cards from each year.   Julee brought 3 soldiers with her, all in uniform, and what a treat it was to have them join us for a chat.  I think they even learnt a few craft tips & techniques.  The pictures tell the story!

Nigel's first ever card making experience.   Helped along by Margaret's craft genius-ness! 

Just getting started

Surprise visit from the army

Quality control! 

Look at them work!

It was such a lovely surprise when Julee arrived with the troops, I almost cried!

Learning to punch out a stamped image with lots of encouragement!

Telling jokes.....blurry picture incase you can lip read!

Claudia did a presentation on Origami cubes - ideal Christmas baubles.  Thanks Claudia!

A finished cube

Very elegant Kelly


Love that tree Justina

Justina's a master with the glitter glue

Margaret's second year at CCFTT.  What a sweetie!

Sorting, sorting!  So many cards, so little space to put them all.  This is one happy lady!  Michelle, your smile is infectious!

Gloria shall be crowned the card making, cake baking queen of the day.  110 cards & 18 cupcakes.  Wow!

Yes, Bev had a big smile on her face too as she sorted and packed her creations

Denise used a lovely chalk technique on the baubles.  Gorgeous!

What a whiz you are Jenny!   So many cards.....oh 45 I think!

Nigel showing us 3 of his cards - his first attempt no less.  Well done!

The lovely Susie treats us to more of her creative designs.

Claudia shows off her different designs

That ornament punch was popular today - there were at least half a dozen in the room and something tells me that Joey really likes it!

Thanks to Gudula, some of my cards got made today.    And I think she's a happy crafter too!

Deb making sure I've got some more made!   Another big smile....every picture tells a story

Avril's second year at this event also - and around 52 cards made!  I think you love this hobby Avril!

Last but by no means least, I must thank those businesses who contributed to make our day such a success:
Stampin' Up! for wonderful raffle prizes.
Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre for the use of the garden room.
Victoire Bakery Rozelle - Duncan, the pastries & bread were divine
C'est Bon Cafe Rozelle - Elizabeth, the quiche was delicious
Woolworths Balmain - Graham donated a gift card for salads, drinks & partyware.
Avril, Michelle, Gloria & Susie all brought sweet treats to round off our lunch.  Yum to you all!

Stamp happy wherever you are!

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