Monday, 4 July 2011

Ribbon Weaving

This is a cool idea for using ribbon - although it does use quite a lot.  

Oops!  Got a lovely oval in crystal effects there!  Yes, two of the little ball-ee things joined up to make an oval.....awwwww how sweet!!

You cut a square of cardstock to the size you want - base it on how many pieces of ribbon you want to weave and how wide the ribbon is.  I did 5 strips on each side (10 all up) and they are each 10 cm long.  The card is just over 7cm square.  You need the extra length so you can work with the ribbon and have enough to fasten on the back of the cardstock.

Attach each piece of ribbon to the back of the cardstock using sticky strip i.e. 5 pieces along the top and 5 down one side.    Then start weaving at the corner where the two pieces of ribbon meet.  Use a bit of snail adhesive to secure ribbon to the cardstock as you go.  Finish up by securing all the ends to the back of the cardstock.     Mine became a Christmas card because of the ribbon - yes, I know, it's only July!!

Old Olive carstock & ink
Red extra thick card - I've used bainbridge board offcuts from a picture framing project.
Holiday Print stamp - retired
Ribbon - this is one of SU's from last Christmas I think. 
Gold cord
Crystal Effects
Ornament Punch

Thanks for looking!

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