Thursday, 7 July 2011

More distressed cards!

Last night's class was another success with the ladies really getting into the stick and giggle!   Even those outside of their comfort zone!!!  That said, I didn't get a couple of pics, but here are the one's I did get:

Gloria's card

Liz's card

Vicki's card

I should point out that when you do a PaperLady class you have options.   I prepare projects in a way that showcases a technique or a particular product.  However, I encourage creativity at whatever level people are comfortable with.  That means that you can shake up the project to customise it for your own needs, likes and preferences.   I do however make no apology for stretching your skills and in fact I hope that happens regularly so you can explore the many possibilities that our paper crafts have to offer.

That said, my own preference when attending a class is to copy the original project - why?   Well, I really like to make sure I get it.  That way, I can take it home and will remember what I learned more easily.  I also struggle to develop my own ideas when I'm in a group.  That could be because I'm a bit of a chatty crafter so it's harder to multi-task! 

Bottom line?  Come to a class, learn a bit, do a bit, chat a bit and have tons of fun!  But take home the project you want - the copied version or your version.

Happy distressing....kit, that is!

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