Friday, 27 May 2011


Well, it's Friday night and I'm sitting here in my craft room trying to decide what project I want to do.  I have a special something on the go that I can't talk about, then there's my next class projects to design and there's the unpacking of today's class materials......hmmmmm, oh well I might just play with something new.   I still have to try out one of the sneak peeks I got at convention.....ooops....can't say anymore about that either!!!

What I can tell you about it this years Christmas Cards for our armed forces.  As you know, at DSNS last Saturday the ladies got started on some cards. So we're off!   I popped round to Avril today with an order and she is also champing at the bit to give me her latest stash that she finished this week.  

But I also wanted to show you some pictures that a friend sent me.  Her husband is in the navy and she has moved all over the world with him and their children.  We met up at convention and she told me stories about how our deployed service men and women worry about not being able to have a card to send to a loved one for a birthday or anniversary.  It's hard enough to be away from home, let alone in a war zone and know that you can't send your love via a written word - and a piece of paper that you've actually touched. 

This got me thinking about those that focus on the negative aspects of the armed forces over the last year or two.   Whether or not you support the troops, agree or disagree with war, or that we're in it, we still need compassion.   At the end of the day, these are our people, other human beings, miles away from home and desperately wishing they had a birthday card to send to their 5 year old child, or a Christmas card to their mum and dad. 

Please don't misinterpret my view, I'm not suggesting that people are not entitled to their opinion & I don't wish to change anyone's mind.  I just ask that negative feelings be put aside. And then you can go freely and make some gorgeous cards!

Thank you Nikki for sending me these pictures.  I hope they touch your heart.

A smile is a smile in anyones language

We all need help to carry a heavy weight

Everyone needs love

A good giggle


Have a lovely weekend in our safe, free country.


  1. Thank you for sharing these photos, they are amazing and heartbreaking, what amazing men and women we have that go and do this work, i will start my stash of cards today for this Christmas.

  2. well you gave me goosebumps sweetheart - thank you for posting this. And thanks for all you do xx


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