Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Convention 2011

I'm back!  And there's so much to tell you I'm buzzing with enthusiasm. 

Melbourne was a fantastic destination.  The convention centre is a superb location as we had tons of room and a variety of "spaces" to be in.   We had some really fun classes - they are designed to be educational for business/demonstrators, but I can tell you that I laughed so hard you'd would've thought I was attending a comedy festival!!!   On the flip side, there was a lot of sharing and some really personal moments that meant even the toughest ladies had to wipe a tear from their eyes.  Those of you who know me well would also know I'm a soft touch so I sniffled a bit more than most! 

Trace and I were fortunate to have booked a great hotel 5 mins walk from the centre - fab to get a bit of exercise and see the city.  We ate some wonderful food, sampled some lovely wine and received amazing service from the locals.   

Anyway, enough chitchat.  Check out some pics........

Catching up with Shelli - always a delight.  May she live forever!

So thrilled to be here.  Trace and I are wearing the swaps I made - giant flower brooches.

OMG look at the line for Memento Mall

Samples on display in Memento Mall - cute frame idea

Centre stage in the theatre.  I'm sharing what I love with you all!

Giant paper flowers - Memento Mall again.

General Session theatre - great set up SU, so comfy!

Wearing our SU scarves....well, if you've got it, you've got to flaunt it right?!

Waiting for our first general session to start.  Sorry, whoever took the pic must've had wine with lunch!!

Anna is one of my friends from QLD - first met last year at Conv in Sydney and this sweet lady makes Cards for the troops.

Ok, so Trace is having a love affair with a stamp - this is the giant stage version.....will it be in the upcoming IB&C she wonders....drooling!

Swaps Galore......these are from Regionals 2010 & Convention 2011.   These crafters are talented.  I take my hat off to every one of you........giggle, my swaps are up there too!!

Next year we are off to Canberra..........why don't you come along?   Ask me how, and no, you don't have to be a demonstrator. It's for friends too you know?!

Got to go prep for a class now, so I'll pop back tomorrow with some close ups of swaps.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I looked for a pic of you on Shelli's blog about convention, but didn't see you...

    So I'm glad you got your picture taken with Shelli - it's a great shot!

    Love those ginormous paper flowers - hope we get to see them in person at OUR convention in July...

    Know you're PUMPED now - go get creative!


  2. Karen, we had so much fun at Convention. These photos capture the mood perfectly! I laughed till I cried! And I loved your swap flowers.


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