Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What have I been doing?

Well, it's holiday time and I decided to take January off this year, hence the lack of posts.   I will be adding some projects over the next week, although technically I'm still on holiday.

Today we decided to go see Mirazozo, an inflatable structure on the forecourt of the Opera House.    It was really good.   I've never been in anything like it and once I got over my initial claustrophobic response, it was a very enjoyable half hour.  It's kind of futuristic and a bit Doctor Who-like.   I so wish David Tennant had popped out of one of the modules to say hi!    Alas, I can dream.    But here's a few pics.  And even though it's not crafty, I think you could take some inspiration from the shapes and colours, and the way the light plays on the vinyl structure.


Thanks for looking.  Happy summer.



  1. Oh how I WISH it were summer here! But, it's not, and we've been having a LOT of rain this year - back yard is about 6" high - WITH WEEDS!

    Are you at all affected by the flooding in your country?

    Think of you often, you know! And still miss you...

  2. Wow Karen, it looks very surreal in there...and fun.


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