Friday, 22 October 2010

Cards for the Troops Event 21/10/10

What a lovely day!  It started early, with me picking up Tracy, complete with her craft box and a platter of the most delicious brownies, then heading off to the neighbourhood centre to set up.  Susie arrived shortly after with (I think) her entire craft room!   I thought I collected a lot of stuff.   But that girl's got more bling than Tiffany's!!!   Anyway, the set up continued as the ladies all arrived with all sorts of wonderful things.   We even had a couple of new crafters that popped in to help, and what a lovely experience that was as we watched them have their first creative a-ha moments.  Ah, the memories.

Anyway, we were there a good while and then tidied up mid afternoon and trotted back to the real world.   I then returned for the evening session and the fun continued.   All together we made 150 cards - yes, some had done some earlier preparation, but basically, it was an extremely productive and fun day.

I did the counting this afternoon and I personally now have 523 cards in my possession.   I also got a message from a lady here in Sydney that couldn't come on the day so her and her craft group had made 160 cards and just popped them in the mail!!  How's that.    With the rest of the cards being collected for me on the Central Coast, I think we'll be around the 1500 mark by the closing date.

Here's some pics:

Happy Stampers

Margaret shares her creations with Trace

Susie's all smiles

Avril thinks I'm going to bite her ear!

Getting down to business

Happy Trace!

Overseeing the work


Lily's first time making cards

Hayley's favourite card

Lisa's like the energizer bunny - she just keeps going!

Kate's going to quit school to take up craft full time!!

Just checking that everything is lining up - Liz

Christopher discovers that Stampin' Up! images are perfect for drawing

Having a chat

The tools of the trade

And the day wouldn't be complete without some really yummy treats.

Yummy brownies.  Oops Trace hasn't put the coconut on yet!

Just to make sure we've got all the food groups

It's that dip again - warm artichoke, yum yum

Choc Chip & Banana muffins for variety
 Sorry, that's a lot of pics and I didn't put any of the cards in!   There are so many, and I really wouldn't want anyone to feel left out, so a big hug and a thankyou to everyone for helping make the day a huge success.   

Lastly, thank you Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre for supporting the event by letting us use the hall, to Lisa for her tireless support of PaperLady, to Trace for helping me unload all those bags and cooking the beautiful brownies, to Margaret for driving all the way from Mt. Colah, to Susie for her endless supply of bling, to Avril for challenging us to open the new chalk pastels box, to Kristen for squeezing our session into her packed day, to Liz for coming out after an exhausting day, and to Kate for doing all her homework the night before so she could craft.  Not to mention Lily, for joining us without any prior knowledge and really getting into the spirit.  Lastly to my girls Hayley & Lana because they're just lovely to be with and I love the things they make.

And the craft giveaways, well that's just the kind of company Stampin' Up! is.  We had a lovely array of raffle items and it was a nice touch to be able to give something back to everyone who gave up their time, and their supplies for this lovely project.

Have a super weekend!


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  1. Great photos Karen, I was pleased to be part of the day. Keep up the good work. Margaret


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