Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Deals of the Week #3

Are you just loving the specials right now?   First, it was punches, then it was paper, now it's.....

STAMP SETS!   And what's more, they're at a whopping 40-50% off.

Item       Page         Description                   RRP          Sale Price

114263   34     A Happy Heart stamp set  $41.95          $20.98

115792   57     Greetings Eight stamp set    $49.95         $24.98

116330   78     Bella's Bloom stamp set      $24.95         $14.97

113009   97     Enjoy Every Moment set    $53.95         $26.98

114283  105     All Scallops stamp set        $55.95         $27.98

Call or email me today!

Scan of the sets below with RRP.   Link to the catalogue above if you want to browse.

Happy Stampin'


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