Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Mothers Day cards for our troops - final post 2010

Well ladies, you did it!  Over 500 cards were collected this morning, by the lovely Julee from the Dept. of Defence here in Sydney.   She was thrilled with the amount of beautiful cards we had made and loved the way they were all packaged in their ziplock bags clearly labelled with the creators name & number of cards made.  She said that makes it easy for them to despatch as they can send the appropriate amount to the various locations around the globe.   How wonderful to think that our lovely handmade creations are going to touch those special men and women who are out there fighting for freedom, protecting the oppressed and keeping the peace such a long way from home.  When you add that to the fact that their Mum's are going to receive a handwritten message this Mothers Day, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 
Godspeed & love.


  1. Well done everyone!!! I am proud to have taken part in this by making mother's day cards to contribute.
    Thanks Karen & Tracey.

  2. Thank you kaz,you have created a wonderful and very special organisation which i hope in years to come, will be an institution throughout all of australia.

  3. Hi, just thought I would pop by and say I got a thank you card from troops in Jordan. Check it out at my blog
    to say I was blown away by receiving the postcard is an understatement. It will go on a special scrapbook page in the near future.
    It was a great honour to make these cards, and the christmas cards for this year. I have a friend's son serving overseas at present (due home in December) and so I feel a special bond to the cards.


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