Monday, 11 January 2010

PaperLady's Christmas Cards for Australian Armed Forces - January Update

I have received  more thank you letters from our troops and wanted to pass them on so you'd all know how appreciated your cards were - and, I'm really thinking that we need to do it again this year, only we'll start earlier and maybe we can reach a bigger group of stamping ladies.
Anyway, the first was from the Headquarters Joint Task Force 633 - Afghanistan - below.

Second, from the Royal Australian Navy - HMAS Stuart.

Finally - yes, a third via email this morning is copied & pasted below:

"Dear Karen,

My name is Corporal Rob Iglesias. I am the Force Distribution Clerk of the Australian Contingent on Operation Mazurka on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. On behalf of all the soldiers from the Australian Contingent, I would like to thank you and your friends for taking the time to make these hand made cards. The cards you sent us were greatly appreciated by all our members, and were used to send to our families for Christmas.

All the Australian Contingent members here would like to thank you and your friends for taking the time to make these wonderful hand made cards.

All the best for the new year.

Kind Regards,
Robert Iglesias
Corporal (Australian)
Force Distribution Clerk
Multinational Force and Observers
Sinai, Egypt"

Our cards have travelled a long way to brighten the lives of those missing their loved ones!  Well done everyone.


  1. Oh karen, what a wonderful thing you did organising this, perhaps it could be done for mothers day, and most definately count me in for sure. By the time i read the post for christmas it had already closed and i missed out on contributing. But i am definately up for it, if you consider a mothers day one and count me in for next christmas. Just let me know.

  2. Thank you Karen, what a very very generous gesture you have done for our troops overseas. I have been watching the US Demo's do the same thing and I think that it is truly marvelous. Well done ... I would love to help you out for the next round of Christmas cards. Thank you and God Bless you!!!

  3. Thanks Tui. You're more than welcome to get involved. I'll be collecting again this year - final date to have everything to me is 22 October.
    I appreciate your support.

  4. Hi Karen
    I've written a post about this on my blog, Paper Flourish. Hope it helps.


  5. Hi Karen, I am making you some cards will send by post to you. I don't get to make Mother's Day cards as my mother passed away nearly 40 years ago (my time flys).


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