Saturday, 14 February 2009

My first ever blog!

Wow!  I'm blogging!  I've seen so many blogs for my crafting hobby & finally I'm taking the plunge and joining in on the fun. 
I guess my biggest fear is can I cram one more thing into my busy day?  Or will I get addicted to blogging and, since the computer is in the kitchen, keep burning the dinner as I get distracted so easily.....upset hubby & kids....not to mention hungry!  Oh well, I guess there's only one way to find off to find something interesting that people will want to blog about!

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  1. Karen, you can always do "carry out" and pretend that you cook the meal, then this way hubby & kids are happy. Not to mention they would have a meal that is not burnt.
    I love to see all your work. I think its "Great" work! The only problem is with me, is I like what I see and I purchase it to give it away and then I like it to much and I end up keeping them. I have a big problem....I'll have to get my Christmas cards request in and see if I can give them away this year. Love ya Karen. Keep up the wonderful work you're doing. I love your Blog. --Terri


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